Last year, Conestoga moved to an on-line directory to make it easier to update your information and access contact information for friends and classmates. This is an 'opt-out' directory: your information will be included in the CHS Directory unless you register, log-in, and exclude your information from being seen.

Here's what you do!

  • Register/Log In
  • Confirm/Update your information 
  • Gain access to the CHS Directory (No cost for 2020-2021)
Please encourage your friends to log in and update their information!

If you are new to Conestoga and would like to access the Directory,
contact Jeanne Braun at braunj@tesd.net.


 Register or Login

 If you already have a Membership Toolkit account with another organization,
you can use the same log-in here. Need more information?